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In 2011 Gearbox and Torque Converter was formed with the intention of providing CUSTOMER SERVICE & QUALITY PRODUCTS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. We have invested in the best electronic testing equipment to ensure that our units are built to the highest standards possible.

GTC is a member of RMI (Retail motor industry) and BEE compliance and has been active in training their staff. We are also approved repairer to many major automotive insurance enabling the customer to be confident in us Furthermore, we offer a 30 KM towing service.  Read more

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Your Gearbox & Converter trusted centre
Our technicians has been working in the transmission industry for over 33 years specialising  as a gearbox and differential technicians. Through out the years we have developed into one of the industry's most trusted and quality service provider.

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Gearbox & Torque reconditioning

Gearbox & Torque reconditioning

We take care of all automatic and manual  gearbox repairing and reconditioning.We also do diffs and torque convertors. Trust us to give you a safe and better ride, with the service of our highly qualified technicians.

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